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Insure with Nest

Nest Shop Protection Plan

Protect your micro or emerging business with our shop protection plan and secure your future growth. Don’t let unforeseen events derail your progress.

Comprehensive Coverage

Nest Shop Protection Plan offers a comprehensive insurance solution specifically tailored to the needs of micro or emerging businesses. It covers a range of risks and perils, including theft, fire, natural disasters, equipment breakdown, and liability. This comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind to shop owners, ensuring their business assets and operations are protected.


Value Proposition

By enrolling in the shop protection plan, micro or emerging businesses secure their financial future. In the event of an unfortunate incident, such as fire or thefy, the plan provides financial support to help businesses recover and resume their operations.

Nest understands that every micro or emerging business is unique. Hence, the shop protection plan offers customizable coverage options to cater to different business types, sizes and risk profiles. 

Nest shop protection plan is designed to be affordable and accessible to micro or emerging businesses. The premium rates are set competitively, taking into consideration the financial constraints of small businesses while still providing adequate coverage.

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