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Insure with Nest

Nest Agriculture MicroInsurance

Micro Agric insurance product to cover a range of agricultural activities; poultry, livestock, crops, fishery, and many others.

Comprehensive Coverage

Nest Micro Agric offers a comprehensive micro insurance product that covers a wide range of agricultural activities. This ensures that farmers and agricultural stakeholders have protection against various risks specific to their industry, including crop failure and livestock diseases


Value Proposition

The microinsurance product is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and risks of the agricultural sector. It takes into account the specific challenges faced by farmers and offers customized coverage options for different agricultural activities. 

Nest Micro Agric insurance aims to make insurance accessible to farmers and agricultural stakeholders by offering affordable microinsurance plans. The pricing is designed to suit the income levels of small-scale farmers and farm settlements, promoting financial inclusion and ensuring that insurance is within reach for those in the agricultural sector. 

In addition to insurance coverage, Nest Micro Agric insurance provides risk management support and resources to policyholders. This includes educational materials, workshops, and guidance on best practices for disease prevention, disaster preparedness, and sustainable agricultural techniques.

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